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About Us
Our company specializes in the wholesale agent of all kinds of cartoon authorized portrait name sticker roll, cartoon stamp case, cartoon seal...etc. (For example: Rilakkuma, Snoopy, Doraemon, Sanrio, etc., a variety of popular cartoon authorized products.)

We also have a wholesale of all kinds of business-related stickers, office stamps, and the production of machines and materials. The products are all professional brands. you buy it all at once to meet your entrepreneurial needs.

In addition to the general-purpose plain labels and common office stamps, we are committed to developing distinctive special effects products, thinking about the uniqueness, convenience and practicality of products in terms of consumers. Therefore, the products are favored by United States, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia and countries all over the world.

We have the most professional technical guidance, so that you can quickly get started and make goods. We have the most professional team backing to help you enter the sticker and stamp market.